The workshops detailed below can be delivered as part of a campus visit here at Plymouth University or at a school (except the SimVenture).

The workshops are arranged upon individual requests and are bookable by emailing

Technological Skills Workshop

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Technological Skills Workshop

This 1 or 2 hour workshop reveals the depth to which technology has come to affect our everyday lives, this is true no more so than in business. As we grapple with the many issues and advantages that technology brings to our lives, we will discover how to use technology to our advantage. Students will better appreciate the role that technology has in modern business. Students will be involved in group work to discuss how technology impacts business and looks at issues and solutions.

SimVenture Workshop 

Only available on Plymouth University’s campus due to access limitations to software.

SimVenture is the multi-award winning business simulation game that engages people in a deeper, richer learning experience and develops lasting business enterprise and entrepreneurial talent.

SimVenture also allows people to develop critical team-working skills whilst making decisions about running their virtual business. It is a very versatile and flexible learning tool.


Talks by Entrepreneurs

A selection of local entrepreneurs are available to attend your school to deliver a motivational presentation on their business journey. The entrepreneurial talks usually last about an hour.

Professional Presentation Workshop 

Today, presentation skills are required in almost every field of work. This workshop will introduce pupils to the basics of a good presentation, cover the do’s and don’ts of a good presentation, explore the importance of audience and highlight body language.

Pupils will learn how to add impact to presentations with graphics and visual aids. They will further develop their presentation skill and learn about different techniques.

Business Presentation Workshop

Enterprise Creation Workshop

In this session students will be introduced to the key terms of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship. Each team of students will be given an existing product and will have to ‘think outside the box’ to develop several innovative and alternative uses for it. The teams will then decide which particular idea they wish to pursue further and develop this idea in order to pitch it to the rest of the participants.

Students from other teams will then vote on what they believe is the most innovative and profitable idea to be showcased during the session. Pupils will have an opportunity to think entrepreneurially, explore the concept of opportunity creation and practice their pitching and presentation skills.

Media and Technology Workshop

This workshop will explore the importance of media and technology in a business related context. How are businesses using technology and different media to maximise their profit and their impact? How are they keeping up with technological innovations and competitors?

Students will examine a range of international companies and their usage of technology. They will be asked to examine and compare the use of technology by a selection of businesses and participate in group activities. Pupils will learn about the influence of technology on business, explore the importance of technological innovation and competition.


Innovation In Business Workshop

This 2 hour workshop shares the techniques and value of thinking innovatively. Through talks and group activities we will start to unlock a mindset that will help you explore your future and the opportunities that you will encounter along the way. Innovation has value in every area of our lives and discovering the right mindset makes a huge difference to reaching and recognising success.

Students will have a greater understanding of the increasing importance of innovation within modern business. Students will engage in activities to stimulate innovative thought processes.

Developing Your Creativity Workshop 

This 1 or 2 hour workshop is designed to explore and encourage your creativity. You will get the chance to get hands on with different activities that will stimulate and get you thinking. Whether it is lateral thinking, visual design, enterprising thought or problem solving, creativity is essential for success.

Students should understand the value of having a creative mindset in many areas of life, study and their careers. Students will have had an opportunity to explore their own creativity and understand that everyone has capacity to think creatively.

Sybille Shiffmann presenting about flourishing business and creativity

Branding Workshop

This 1 or 2 hour workshop brings to life the reality of just how ingrained branding is in our everyday lives. Whether it is personal branding, corporate branding or just how we present ourselves and our ideas to the world, we will explore how we should get to grips with branding. With practical activities and immersive talks, this session will give you the tools you need to use branding to your advantage.

Students will have a greater understanding of the value and influence of branding in modern business. Students will have an opportunity to work on branding concepts. Students will be able to identify in what ways branding may be of importance to their future careers.


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