Presentation Competition Year 12 and Year 13

The Business Presentation Competition will give pupils the opportunity to work alongside our student ambassadors and improve their presentation, communication and team-working skills. By having an opportunity to present, pupils will gain confidence in public speaking, develop their research skills, enhance their analytical thinking and learn to work under pressure and to a deadline.

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Business Presentation Competition, June 2015


On the actual day of the competition pupils will be given a business topic for which they need to prepare a 10 minute presentation. The given business topic will need to be explored with relation to Technology, Sustainability or Entrepreneurship

Futures School Business Competition
Presentation Competition December 2015

The date of the competition – Wednesday 13th December 2017

Chance to Win

1st Prize – £50.00 Amazon Voucher per pupil

2nd Prize – £25.00 Amazon Voucher per pupil

3rd Prize – £10.00 Amazon Voucher per pupil

Participants will be awarded a certificate from Plymouth Business School

Please register your team (4 pupils per team) as soon as possible. Registration can be done by emailing myself on: or

The competition is open to one team per school, however, two teams per school may be considered (subject to availability).

General Contest Rules and Guidelines

Open to Year 12 and Year 13 pupils

Pupils will be giving a topic on the day and will have most of the morning to research the given topic and prepare their 10 minute presentation.

Pupils will have approximately 2,5 hours in the morning to prepare their presentations.

Each team will be allocated a student ambassador that will support the team.

Judging criteria

Content: Knowledge of the subject, Focus, Quality of Argument and Expression, Answering questions

Delivery: Presentation skills, Body Language

Organisation: Sensible structure, Layout, Logical Organisation, Background, Results, Conclusion

Creativity: Originality, bright, and exciting ideas, thinking outside the box, Imaginative presentation

The testimonials and stories from previous competitions

Business Presentation Competition from academic year 2014/2015

Business Presentation Competition from academic year 2015/2016

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Pupils preparing for their afternoon Business Presentation Competition, Jun 2015
1539371-Queen's Elizabeth Academy
Business Presentation Competition, June 2015
1539327 - Marine Academy Plymouth
Pupils preparing for their afternoon’s presentation, June 2015

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