Shipping and World Trade Event

The conference will introduce pupils to the world of Maritime business, Logistics, Shipping, World Trade, Ports, Ship Navigation and Cruise Management.

Pupils will discover that Maritime Business is about port management, business, commodities, maritime law and insurance, logistics, and ship management, operation, ship broking and much more.

A cargo ship unloading at the dockside

International Maritime Organization (IMO), created World Maritime Day to celebrate the international maritime industry’s contribution towards the world’s economy, especially in shipping.

The business of ports, ships and maritime trade is thriving and expanding in the UK, with London being the world centre for maritime related business. Furthermore the UK has the largest port industry in the world, with 110 commercial harbours managing around 500m tonnes of cargo every year.

When: Thursday 15 June 2017

Where: Plymouth University Main Campus 

Theme: World Trade, Shipping, Maritime Business, Logistics, Sustainable Supply Chain, Ports, Ship Navigation, Cruise Management 

Open to Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 

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Speakers to be announced soon.


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