Essay Competition

The Essay Competition aims to expand pupil’s knowledge in business discipline, develop their research skills and promote their critical thinking and creativity. Lastly, essay writing gives pupils the chance to improve their writing and analytical skills in general.


Essay Presentation Competition Prize Giving Event, May 2016

Questions for Year 7,8 and 9

1. Have digital downloading killed the music industry?

2. What makes a good leader?

3. How can businesses be more sustainable?

4.Examine maritime piracy in the twenty first century?

Questions for Year 10, 11 and 12

1.How can start-ups business make best use of digital technology to achieve sustainable growth?

2. Is it fair that large organisations should exploit tax loopholes to avoid paying tax?

3.Do businesses care about being green?

4.Does digital technology make protecting intellectual property harder or easier?

Chance to Win

1st Prize – iPad Mini 2

2nd Prize – £50.00 Voucher

3rd Prize – £25.00 Voucher

Your essay will be disqualified if it does not meet the requirements or is  e-mailed after the submission date.

Send all submission to:

Submission Deadline – Monday Midnight 20 March 2017 

General Contest Rules and Guidelines

  •  Open to pupils from year 9 upwards
  • Word limit: 500 words (with 10% up and down threshold)
  • All submissions must include a word count
  • Only one entry per pupil is allowed
  • Entries must be in 12-point Times New Roman or an equivalent font
  • Essays can only be processed and uploaded as a word document (.doc, .docx)

The essay must be an original piece of work. It should be written in the pupil’s own words and not copied from any books, articles or from the internet.

Do not copy someone else’s work or copy and paste text/paragraphs from the internet. Essays with a lot of copy/pasted content will not be put forward for judging

The essays will be judged by our academic staff and all the participants will have the opportunity to visit Plymouth Business School and be part of the prize giving event on !!!

The testimonials and stories from previous Essay Competitions

Essay Competition Academic Year 2014/2015

Essay Competition Academic Year 2015/2016

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