BETA Mentoring

One-to-one business mentoring and support

You will be provided with a business mentor who will support and guide you in the development of your business idea.  This mentor may be a University expert, an entrepreneur or a member of the Plymouth business community.

Fortnightly meetings between you and your mentor are recommended but are up to the student to book.

In these mentoring meetings students have the opportunity to  discuss and develop their idea, agree outcomes,  develop action plans and agree to take these points going forward. Students may book 30 minute mentoring slots every fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon between 1pm and 5pm


Lucy: BETA Student

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Students pitch their ideas
BETA student Lucy pitching her business idea

“I personally found the mentor system
extremely helpful whilst completing my first
year with the BETA enterprise programme.
Jayne and I seemed to click instantly! Jayne
understood and supported my business
idea from day one and I believe that I am very
lucky to have Jayne as my mentor. Jayne and
I keep in touch via Skype and emails. Jayne
has really helped me with numerous ideas
and supported me with every decision.
Since BETA has confirmed my success of
receiving the funding, Jayne and I have both
been very excited to manage to get my
business idea properly up and running!”

Jayne: BETA Mentor 

BETA Mentor Jayne, The Founder of Blurt Alerts 

“It was an absolute pleasure to be part of
BETA and to be Lucy’s mentor. It was easy to
be excited by Lucy’s business idea because
she was so professional in her approach and
her enthusiasm was infectious. Watching
Lucy grow in confidence and her idea take
shape was a privilege.
There is no doubt in my mind that being a
BETA mentor has helped me too, it has been
rewarding to use my experiences to help
someone else but also, I feel it has helped
me to grow as a person and Lucy has also
taught me a great deal too.”

Students on the BETA Enterprise programme discuss ideas with business mentor Raphael Dennett.
Students on the BETA Enterprise programme discuss ideas with business mentor Raphael Dennett.

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