About BETA

The BETA Enterprise Programme

Be Entrepreneurial Take Action 

aimed at improving students’ entrepreneurial abilities by providing a comprehensive programme of support for their business ideas

The programme provides free pre start-up and start-up support for students at Plymouth University via the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre.


The BETA Enterprise Programme gives current students the opportunity to improve their enterprise and entrepreneurial skills through the development of a business idea in a supportive environment alongside their course studies. BETA provides students with a clear programme of support to help them grow and develop their business idea from formation to creation providing mentoring from a variety of business experts along the way.  The program acts as an integral part of their University experience and parallels the opportunities that exist within work-based placements. Students receive training in the form of interactive workshops and access to a variety of internal and external resources to give them the best chance of generating an income from their experimental business.  Futures back 1 JOIN NOW

The BETA Programme offers the following605361 270649 Futures Design 27

  • free workshops
  • free entrepreneurial guest lectures
  • free business mentoring (recommended contact of once a fortnight)
  • networking opportunities
  • pitching and funding opportunities up to £1500 grant

Application process

To join the programme and access the support available you need to submit an application form to futurescentre@plymouth.ac.uk or amber.strong@plymouth.ac.uk.  Once the application has been reviewed and your idea is appropriate then you will be invited to an induction meeting with the Futures team to discuss the next steps.


Due to the restrictions on student visas applicants seeking funding through the BETA Enterprise programme must be UK citizens. Funding is dependent on; individual support from the student’s faculty, the student passing all their modules and the student abiding by University obligations i.e. all payment of university fees are up to date. If you do not meet this criteria please take advantage of other support offered through the University.

  • You must be a registered student at Plymouth University studying on an undergraduate or postgraduate course
  • You must be a UK citizen
  • You must have abided by University obligations i.e all payment of university fees are up to date
  • You must be passing all your modules

    605361 270649 Futures Design 3


Sam Bray BETA Enterprise Student after pitching his business idea tot the BETA panel

“Beta has helped me by really giving me the confidence to take my business idea forward. Without BETA I would not be able to start my business for another six months, but if I get the funding (fingers crossed) after today, I will be able to start the business hopefully next week. This business will hopefully be a success because I have one year of experience in the golf industry already. I have worked for a market leading golf tour operator and have a strong interest in the sector.”

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