Creative way of learning enterprise skills

Year 7 pupils from PHSG tackled business and creative tasks during an enterprise day with great enthusiasm and interest. The enterprise day was organised by the University of PlymouthFutures Entrepreneurship Centre and a Plymouth based ‘not-for-profit’ organisation Flameworks.

Enterprise days are designed to engage pupils in creative enterprise learning activities and develop their business and entrepreneurial skills. What’s more the enterprise days develop their soft skills such as communication, creative problem solving, time management, teamwork and presentation skills. Furthermore, the days give pupils the opportunity to work for and with a real business.

It is never too soon to encourage students to understand that as well as achieving their academic grades they need to have a broad portfolio of employability skills. Enterprise activities are a valuable way to develop these skills and encapsulate our school motto ‘For life, not school, we learn’.  With this in mind, it was very impressive to see our Year 7 students organise themselves, delegate, plan and meet the very tight deadlines they were given.  Working with the Plymouth University Futures Entrepreneurship team and local artist Christina Peters was an enriching experience and we look forward to welcoming them back into Plymouth High in the near future.”  Heather Longford, Careers & Work Experience Coordinator

For this specific enterprise day pupils were asked to suggest ideas on how to promote Flameworks courses and facilities among young people; to suggest new courses that Flameworks can offer for young people and to create a leaflet to help market their facilities. The pupils also had to prepare a 2 minute poster presentation explaining the marketing and promotional strategies.

Most of the morning was spent working with clay creating beautiful pendants or other clay objects and imprinting plants and other natural objects onto the clay. The morning was follow by a lecture on marketing and group work. The pupils enjoyed working in their groups, especially because the group allocation was arranged specifically so that, the pupils would work with the peers they did not know.

I was thrilled with the high level of the presentations, especially how creatively the tasks were approached. Creating short theatre performances in their presentations, using acting, creating songs, dancing and presenting with such a confidence was only one of the highlights of this exciting enterprise day full of collaboration, team work and creative learning.

I enjoyed the whole process of planning, creating the activity, spending the day at PHSG and seeing the outstanding results of the pupils’ creative hard work. The girls worked with such enthusiasm and were so proud of their work. All of them were excellent and it was very rewarding to see them thriving and excelling in everything they did during the day. I think it is very important to put learning in context and give pupils the opportunity to work for a real business. We specifically chose a task – where the target audience were young people – this gave pupils the opportunity to relate to the task closely and allowed us and the business to see the marketing improvements through their open and critical eyes.

I can only echo Elena’s written account of the successful outcome of the Enterprise day. I was totally impressed with the enthusiasm of the girls and their creative approach to the tasks on all levels, including the making of the clay pendants as well as the fantastic business and marketing materials and ideas they were able to produce within such a short time frame. The day surely demonstrated to me, what can be achieved with a focussed entrepreneurial creative business approach combined with creative skills and fun. It also highlighted the demand for new craft and arts courses for younger audiences and demonstrated a strong desire of young people to get involved in participatory exciting hands-on making activities and processes. As a representative of Flameworks artists and educators, I feel inspired by the positive buzz of the day, to help creating more course and workshop opportunities for young people to get involved and access our facility” Christina Peters.

In the words of Lucy Rodriques-Cova, a final year Faculty of Business student “I really enjoyed working as a Student Ambassador for the Enterprise Day. It was great to see the year 7’s come up with such innovative marketing ideas. They were extremely enthusiastic during their presentations and they were a pleasure to work with”.

I am looking forward to many more new creative and enterprising learning days.

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