Innovative way of learning business and enterprise skills.

It was a delight to welcome pupils from Wadebridge School who came to spend the day at University of Plymouth (UoP) last week to learn about different degree programmes, to explore the PU campus and enhance their business skills through the business simulation game SimVenture.

SimVenture is a flexible, engaging and experiential business simulation learning tool that can be played individually or in teams. It is designed to reflect business reality and it also provides users with educational resources about business and enterprise. The user has to make all the business decisions from market research, marketing, manufacturing, productions, design, management, finance and human resources to legal contracts. The aim is to develop business awareness and to apply business knowledge practically. Through the game students can set up and run a business for 3 simulated years and further develop their business awareness.

During the visit, pupils also met our business student ambassadors who shared with them their student journey and experiences. Learning about finances, modules, accommodation, societies, placements, part time jobs and student life in general is very valuable to any potential student.

We finished the day with a beautiful sunny campus tour during which we visited different lecture theatres and classrooms in Portland Square, the Roland Levinsky Building, the Babbage Building which houses the largest computing open access area on campus and the Writing Café (a space where students can explore techniques and strategies to improve their writing). Pupils were also able to see the student flat in Mary Newman and the University’s Student Accommodation office, Student union, Reservoir Café, Sports Centre, Library and other facilities available to students.

We all enjoyed the day and I am already looking forward to a future campus visit.

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