See what Plymouth Business School students thought of taking part in @CatalystCourse @embercombe

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Plymouth Business School students were invited to apply to take part in the five day Catalyst personal development and leadership course, delivered by Embercombe: a charity and social enterprise, which is a leadership and sustainability centre of inspiration located in South Devon. Through a rich weave of experiential learning – group challenges, personal reflection, mentoring, peer-to-peer coaching, open space exploration, living in a sustainable community and working on the land – students come away from Catalyst with a deep connection to themselves, the bigger picture and their own leadership potential. 

Catalyst alumni say that the key take-aways from Catalyst are a deep confidence to take themselves forward, and the tools, practices and mind-set needed to navigate uncertainty and make things happen in the world.
In 2015, Sam Mills, studying BSc (Hons) International Business with Spanish, attended Catalyst during the 2015 Easter holiday. Penny Hele, Inspiring Futures Project Officer for Futures Entrepreneurship Centre, said:
“Sam had a brilliant experience and gained transferable skills which will enhance his future employability. In job applications and interviews, he will be able to provide examples of his leadership, problem solving, communication and team working skills. He has also gained greater self-awareness and more confidence.”
As a result of this success, Plymouth Business School gave a further five students the opportunity to attend in Catalyst in 2016:
  • Jiayi Hu (Jessica), studying BA (Hons) International Management – Stage 3;
  • Wilfred Gosden, studying BA (Hons) Business Administration – Stage 3;
  • Roya Vahabzadeh, studying BSc (Hons) Business Management – Stage 2;
  • Congcong Liu, studying BA (Hons) International Finance – Stage 3;
  • Natalia Wielek, studying BSc (Hons) Economics – Stage 3;

and will be funding five more places for Plymouth Business School students, for Easter 2017. These opportunities will be promoted in the new year. For more information contactPenny Hele.

International Finance student attends Catalyst

Congcong Liu, studying BA (Hons) International Finance, was one of the five students selected to attend Catalyst in 2016.

Read more about his experience

Plymouth Business School students attend Catalyst course

Plymouth Business School recently gave five of its students the opportunity to attend Catalyst – a 5 day, residential course at Embercombe

Sam Mills, studying BSc (Hons) International Business with Spanish, was the first Plymouth Business School student to attend the Catalyst course in 2015.

Sam said:

“The Catalyst course helps people understand more about who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, giving them tools and skills to make changes and take achievable steps towards reaching their goals.

Embercombe is such a lovely place and provides a great backdrop for the course. It gives people the context of sustainability, working on the land, social enterprise, plus living in a community with other people. The food was absolutely fantastic. It was all organic local produce, much of which was grown at Embercombe. The accommodation was great too. It was good fun staying in a yurt, which was really comfortable and it had a wood burner.

Catalyst has given me more confidence in myself, my skills and my abilities. I will use the skills I have gained in my future career by investing in people, working with their strengths, making sure they have the skills they need to be able to do their job effectively and feel confident in what they are doing. I will also ensure that I incorporate sustainability and environmentally friendly practices into every area.”


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