Secondary school pupils improving their business and research skills working with OhSoChimp

Researching, creating, designing, communicating, pitching and team working were only some of the skills used by the students from DHSG during an enterprise day.

Enterprise Days aim to develop pupils’ entrepreneurial skills, encourage them to think ‘out of the box’, expand their innovative creativity, advance their presentation skills and furthermore give them the opportunity to work with real businesses.

Working in groups of 6, the year 10 pupils were given 3 business tasks; to redesign the OhSoChimp Store web page, propose new personalised products with a unique selling point and create an innovative social media campaign for the Store web page. Their ideas and suggestions were presented individually at the end of the day (in two minute pitches) and were judged by a panel that consisted of the OhSoChimp Managing Director Jon Catney, OhSoChimp web designer James and Plymouth Business School’s student ambassadors.

The girls engaged in their tasks with great enthusiasm and dynamism and spent all morning immersed in creating, researching and re-designing. For example some proposed personalised products with a unique selling point included; make-up bags, blankets, duvet covers, tattoos and creatively designed glasses and pencil cases. Their presentations were of a high quality and in many cases included statistics, in depth analyses and critical research. Their suggested ideas and proposals were always supported and justified by careful primary or secondary research. I very much hope that all the ideas, proposals and suggestions will be of a great benefit to OhSoChimp and give Jon many ideas for improvement to help achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

In the words of Jon Catney “It was great to be involved with the DHSG enterprise day for a second year. To be involved with an event that has a direct creative impact, instilling a high level of business acumen for the future is truly wonderful. The quality of work was of a high standard and I feel safe in the knowledge that these will be the next generation of entrepreneurs. I look forward to the next one!”

OhSoChimp is a worldwide marketing tool, ready to be used to promote events, businesses and brands in almost any geographical location. It provides a fun and engaging way of interacting with event attendees as well as building a brand.

I enjoyed designing the day, working with our business student ambassadors and mainly being part of such a motivating and inspiring team.

In the words of Student ambassador Edward Badham Thornhill

“Representing Plymouth University as a student ambassador and helping the girls of Devonport High School to come up with new business ideas for Oh So Chimp was such a pleasure and we were really impressed with the creative ideas that the girls were able to came up with.”

DHSG 2nd March 2017 – OhSoChimp Enterprise Day


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