Academics and researchers envisioning collaborative projects

UKRO EU Briefing Event – SOCIAL START UPS! Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Talent of EPGs

The UK Research Office (UKRO) is the European office of the UK Research Councils.  It delivers a subscription-based advisory service for research organisations (mainly UK HEIs) and provides National Contact Point services on behalf of the UK Government. UKRO’s mission is to maximise UK engagement in EU-funded research, innovation and higher education activities.

UKRO’s Briefing Event at the University of Plymouth took place on Wednesday 8th February 2017, and comprised presentations on the European Union’s existing and upcoming collaborative and funding opportunities such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

To demonstrate how these programmes work, University of Plymouth academics involved in current EU funded projects were invited to present their projects as case studies. Dr Haya Al-Dajani delivered a stimulating and very informative talk about the Erasmus Plus – Social Start Ups project she is involved in:

Social Start Ups – Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Talent of Ethical Purchasing Groups aims to initiate social enterprise start-ups within the agri-food sectors in Croatia, France and Italy. To do so, a learning methodology for adult learners was developed, tested and validated by trailing the Ethical Purchasing Groups as real laboratories for the acquisition of key competences. The Social Start Ups methodology is based on a “learning by doing” approach which includes the direct involvement and participation of adults in the Ethical Purchasing Groups start-up and management activities.

Social Start Ups is led by TAMAT located in Perugia, Italy, and alongside the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at the University of Plymouth, the project partners are AMSED –Strasbourg, France, the Municipality of Vertineglio in Croatia, Parco 3A – Perugia, Italy, and the Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia, UK.

The UKRO EU Briefing event was well attended and provided a platform for participants to network, learn and exchange resources. The event was a great success and beneficial to academics and researchers envisioning collaborative projects that can be submitted for an EU funding scheme in the near future.


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