HALTO – A journey to start-up success with crowdfunding

This guest lecture follows the entrepreneurial journey of Lerryn and Lucy, sisters and mums to little ones, who believe that all women should have the opportunity to feel great in fabulous, flattering swimwear.

 In their own words, everyone knows that halter necks can do incredible things for your rack (whatever your size), but they have been the bain of our summers for all too long. Redness, blisters, bruising, headaches and neck aches; enough! With over 85% of bikinis on the market being halter necks, what’s a girl to do? Desperation (and the sight of a beautiful halter neck bikini, in our size and in the sale!) made us search, unsuccessfully, for a solution.

Halto is borne from the hours of latte-fuelled, toddler-juggling, fun-packed, sleep-deprived years that has been their journey so far.

They successfully funded Halto’s start-up via Crowdfunder thanks to their brilliant campaign videos.


This guest lecture is free to all Plymouth University students and staff.

DATE: Tuesday 14th February 2017

TIME: 12=1pm

LOCATION: Roland Levinsky lecture theatre 1



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