Join us for our monthly Entrepreneurs Club networking evening on Thursday 9th February, 17:30-19:30, in Regus Express. This Month: Why is your workspace so important?

Why is your workspace so important? How can it affect your productivity and growth? How can you combat isolation and creative-slumps when you are home-office based?

Join us for a very special Entrepreneurs Club which will be exploring all things workspace. We will be joined by Emma Gouldby, Country Director for Regus Express, how will be discussing the benefits of flexible working and sharing tips on how to be productive with your workspace!

Would you like to become part of a new innovative way of connecting with professionals in Plymouth? We will be hosting a monthly meeting with like-minded professionals to offer advice, support and guidance throughout your business journey.

We will have light refreshments, networking and the Board you Can’t Afford who will be there offering free impartial advice.

Free and open to students and local business professionals.

Register via this link: Entrepreneurs Club Networking at Regus Express


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