From bouncy castle sales to pizza delivery. Find out how alumnus Jon Catney went from student to entrepreneur!

Chimpsta enables mobility and creative, image taking freedom! 

In this entrepreneurial guest lecture we learn about how and why Oh So Chimp (previously Chimpsta) was started and what advice alumnus and Managing Director Jon Catney has for enterprising students.

Oh So Chimp is a worldwide marketing tool, ready to be used to promote events, businesses and brands in almost any geographical location!

Oh So Chimp provides a fun and engaging way of interacting with event attendees as well as building your brand. Their social media driven print systems enable the printing of your guests favourite photos live.

This guest lecture is available to all Plymouth University undergraduate and postgraduate students.

About the BETA Enterprise Programme

The BETA Enterprise Programme aims to improve students’ entrepreneurial abilities by providing a comprehensive programme of support for their business ideas. The programme provides free pre start-up and start-up support for students at Plymouth University, and is run by the Plymouth Business School’s Futures Entrepreneurship Centre.

DATE: 31st January 2017

TIME: 12:00-13:00

LOCATION: Roland Levinsky Building, lecture Theatre 1



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