Students! Learn how to innovate in business with a free two hour workshop

This 2 hour workshop shares the techniques and value of thinking innovatively. Through talks and group activities we will start to unlock a mind-set that will help you explore your future and the opportunities that you will encounter along the way. Innovation has value in every area of our lives and discovering the right mind-set makes a huge difference to reaching and recognising success.

Outcomes: Students will have a greater understanding of the increasing importance of innovation within modern business. Students will engage in activities to stimulate innovative thought processes.

WHEN: 23rd November, 4-6pm

WHERE: Mast House 202

Open to Faculty of Business students and if spaces are still available, students from all faculties.

This workshop is facilitated by Futures Entrepreneurship Centre’s BETA Enterprise programme at Plymouth University.

DATE: Wednesday 23rd of November

TIME: 4pm-6pm

LOCATION: Mast House, 202



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