Entrepreneurship is contagious!

Marta Hawkins, Sybille Schiffmann and Penny Hele attended the

‘The Difference That Makes a Difference: Exploring Effective Intervention for Change’ conference at Dartington Hall on Friday 9th September,

run by Wise Goose.

Doodling is proven to be therapeutic and is used as a creative method in psychotherapy but recently in other fields too.

It was an event for coaches, professionals leading change and those seeking to ‘make a difference’ in complex, uncertain and volatile times. It explored the ways a change causes ripples that spread through the whole system and considered the impact of connections, patterns, contexts and relationships that coexist in life and work.

The guest speakers were:

  • Diana Whitmore, President and Co-chair of the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust and Chief Executive and a founding Director of Teens and Toddlers UK.
  • Peter Reason, writer and retired academic with a background in the theory and practice of participatory action research, and leadership for sustainability.
  • Joolz Lewis, consultant, mentor, speaker and author whose business, Enlightened Business, aims to drive sustainable growth by building exceptional leadership and organisational culture.
  • Chris Nichols, Founding Partner of GameShift, a collaborative hub of practice in service of human, organisational and planetary flourishing.

The day was full of useful insights to help individuals, teams and organisations develop both personally and professionally.

Dr Andreas Walmsley  at British Academy of Management 

This was my first attendance at BAM to present a co-authored paper with Emily Beaumont, Laura Wallis and Eleanor Woodward on lifestyle entrepreneurship within the surfing industry.

The conference did not disappoint as a means of encountering new research in the field of entrepreneurship as well as to gain some valuable feedback on one’s own research. In fact I came away with suggestions for publication channels and with a sense that there was real interest in the lifestyle entrepreneurship theme.  To highlight just one of the many benefits gained from listening to others’ presentations, closely related to explorations around lifestyle entrepreneurship is the notion of entrepreneurial identity. A systematic literature review of this concept presented by one of the participants, a delegate from Belgium, provided a useful conceptualisation and plenty of further references to pursue. The fact that I’m already planning attendance at next year’s BAM conference to be held in Warwick speaks for itself.

Dr Emily Beaumont

From 7-9th September 2016 I attended the International Enterprise Educators Conference held at Liverpool John Moores University, UK.  IEEC2016 promised to INSPIRE, enable delegates to INNOVATE and explore the IMPACT of the work that enterprise and entrepreneurship educators do around the globe. It certainly didn’t disappoint!  This leading global three day forum was a fantastic opportunity to hear about good practice from fellow enterprise and entrepreneurship educators and practitioners and also share our good practice at the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at Plymouth University through a unique Pecha Kucha presentation entitled ‘Extra-curricular Enterprise Opportunities- Exploring the ‘missing perspective’’.  I look forward to preparing our Pecha Kucha presentation for Glasgow 2017!


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.34.37.png
Dr Emily Beaumont: HE Team Enterprise HIGHLY COMMENDED  Inspiring Futures

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.34.12.png

Creative doodling by our staff members


Sybilla Shiffmann “I recently attended the British Academy of Management Doctoral Symposium.  As I am in the first year of my PhD my task is to learn as much as possible for established academics and those writing in my area of research. My research focus is on how leaders experience that shift to more collective forms of leadership in the social sector. Two things really touched me.  The generosity and patience of academics to listen as you grapple with your topic and present it to them as the rough diamond it so clearly is! Secondly, the resources available at these conferences are immense  in terms of subject specialist interest groups and other development workshops. I would recommend to anyone engaged in creating case studies to look up the wealth of resources available at the Case Centre.”

Creativity is contagious.

Pass it on!

(Albert Einstein) 

We are passing it on.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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