Melody or Lyrics – Listen to what you are listening to!

Thanks to the Futures Centre I was able to attend an Erasmus Plus training course in Strasbourg this July. The training course dealt with the representation of women in the media, with special emphasis on the lyrics of popular songs.

The objective of the course was to raise awareness of the influence of popular songs and the impact they have on gender equality. The course was attended by a wide range of people from many different countries all of whom work with youth in some way or another. The course aimed at providing the participants and their organisations with attitudes, skills, knowledge and tools to fight against discrimination and gender stereotypes.  One of the specific objectives was also to develop a multilingual e-campaign.

The “Listen to what you are listening!” course, brought together approximately 35 people, with a wide range of expertise representing variety of organisations from 13 different countries.

Links to some of the attending organisations:

Western Ukrainian Centre “Women Perspective

The purpose and main work of this organisation is ensuring gender equality in all spheres of  public life, the protection of women’s rights and women’s education; drawing the public’s attention to women’s issues and joining efforts in resolving a wide spectrum of women’s problems.

Refugees Welcome Stockholm is a religiously and politically independent organization whose purpose is to help displaced people coming to Stockholm.

Kind Heart – NGO based in Moldova

Kind Heart helps children from socially vulnerable families, orphanages and boarding schools, and encourages the integration of children into active social and cultural life.

Romanian Act Integration Association founded in 2012, promoting youth from rural and urban areas and creating an alternative environment in order to access opportunities.

Orient House in East Jerusalem – Youth Development Department

The department is committed to developing skills, sharing knowledge and empowering young Palestinians to help them achieve their potential.

EGE Youth is a youth club operating its activities at EGE University and run by the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Izmir. The aim of the EGE Youth is to raise awareness of the problems encountered by youth and to highlight other issues concerning them such as unemployment, multiculturalism, social integration, European Identity, Intercultural relationships. The club helps young people with these difficulties and also informs them about educational tools available in the European Union.

Other NGOs and organisations from UK, Hungary, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia and Spain also attended.

Creative presentations of attending organisations

The course used several non-formal educational teaching methods and tools. The programme involved us all in an extensive range of interesting discussions, round tables and group activities, visits and meetings with local stakeholders, and demonstrations from musicians and activists.

Our visit to The Council of Europe

Recreating some of the lyrics of popular songs



Intercultural Evening

As a group we created a multilingual e-campaign #ListenAgain, wrote new songs, developed skills and are actively engaged different social media to raise awareness of the impact of lyrics of popular songs.

Not only did I feel that the conference was enormously useful and challenging but I really enjoyed my visit to Strasbourg and being part of the project, meeting so many interesting new people and making friends for life.

The full programme and activities can be found on the following website:


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