The Entrepreneurial Mindset at Dartmoor Zoo

A group of students on the BSc in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship fast track spent a day at Dartmoor Zoo contributing to the entrepreneurial mind-set of the creative and determined team driving Dartmoor Zoo.  As part of the Zoo’s Enterprise Challenge students were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that Dartmoor Zoological Park confidently exceeds the requirements of the Zoo Licensing Authority in meeting its obligations with regard to Conservation, Education and Scientific Research.

owl edit 1DSCN2893
Student Sophie White shared her experience of the Dartmoor Zoo Enterprise Challenge:

In our teams, we designed a plan for introducing a new species to the Zoo.  This included choosing the species and a suitable enclosure location within the Zoo; designing the enclosure within the budget constraints presented to us; and presenting our plans and marketing campaigns to a judging panel comprising the directors and senior management of the Zoo.


Student teams from Plymouth University and  MARJON University were in competition for the judge’s approval. and The judging panel was very impressed with the winning team ‘Happy Feet’, comprising Tyler Griffiths, David Reed, George Seymour, and Sophie White of Plymouth University’s Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship fast-track degree.  Team Happy Feet proposed the addition of Northern Rockhopper Penguins to Dartmoor Zoo, and designed a high quality enclosure within the budget limitations imposed on them.

First year students Sophie White and Norm Blandford had previously worked as business consultants for a Dartmoor Zoo representative as part of the 2016 FLUX competition.

We were delighted to meet author of We Bought a Zoo and  Dartmoor Zoo CEO Benjamin Mee and his team members Phoebe and Ness and we highly recommend this inspirational establishment for more students to visit and experience.

lion edit oneDSCN2975

This trip was led by Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship Dr Haya Al-Dajani, if you would like to know more please contact

PBS Staff Photo Shoot for web pagesAmber Strong
Amber Strong -Network Advisor in Entrepreneurship



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