Minority Entrepreneurship expert in Futures Centre.

Dr Naveed Yasin joined Plymouth University this academic year. Dr Yasin is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship teaching Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business Management.

Dr Yasin completed his Ph.D in Entrepreneurship in 2014 and was recipient of the Vice-Chancellors Award for an Outstanding Research Degree Thesis. Dr Yasin is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Fellow of Chartered Management Institute (FCMI), Accredited Master SimVenture Trainer & Instructor, and has also published peer-reviewed journal articles in ethnic minority entrepreneurship and enterprise education.

  • What motivated you to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship and Education?

I became interested in pursuing a career in Entrepreneurship and Education whilst writing my Master’s dissertation on immigrant entrepreneurship. I became fascinated with this area of research and practice which led me towards pursuing an interest in enterprise education following my role as a research assistant for an Enterprise Educators UK funded project.

  • Why do you think enterprise /entrepreneurship education is important?

The world of business is changing and now employers require graduates with enterprising and entrepreneurial skills. Some graduates may decide to pursue self-employment during or on completion of their degree, which makes it important to provide effective enterprise education during their studies.

  • In your opinion, how can HE institutions support innovation and entrepreneurship in current or future graduates?

Universities are now offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in entrepreneurship, crowdfunding schemes, innovation centres, experiential learning resources, and inviting entrepreneurs as guest speakers. In my opinion, I believe all of these initiatives are important to support the skill set and mind set of current and future graduates.

  • In your opinion, as accredited Master SimVenture trainer and instructor, what are the benefits of SimVenture for students?

SimVenture is an excellent simulation resource that is highly engaging and flexible for the user. Students are able to take charge of their own virtual company and develop an understanding of enterprise through various simulation scenarios. The software is a highly engaging training resource and can be adapted for different needs. Students develop a more realistic understanding of business, enterprise  entrepreneurship after the playing the game as they start to understand on how finance, marketing, supply chain/operations and strategy are interdependent and how their decisions may lead to long term success or bankruptcy.

I would like to thank Dr Yasin for his time answering our questions and would like to wish him many happy years at Plymouth University.

Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations
Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations

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