Who’s business idea will win ?

The BETA Enterprise Programme, an immersive programme supporting student business ideas and run by the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre, held their final pitches of the academic year on May 20th.

Students pitched their business ideas to the panel of academics and entrepreneurs, panellists included Sarah Preedy, Dr Dan Livingstone, Professor Roberto Fraquelli and entrepreneurs Jon Catney and Raphael Dennett.

The Panel 20May16 (2)                   The Panel 20May16 (1)

As BETA is now open to all students at the University, we had pitches from the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and from the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The six students who spent months preparing, researching and developing their businesses pitched with passion, enthusiasm and conviction. Their business ideas ranged from fashion and travel packages to car industries and skateboards. It was, and it is, great to see our enterprising and thriving students and to be able to support them through the BETA Enterprise programme.

BETA Enterprise programme participants particularly benefited from: the use of the business mentors to assist in financial projections, further developing their business idea, gaining confidence in their business ambitious and becoming more business savvy.

The winning students will be able to invest the sum of £1500 into further development and refinement of their business idea. The funding brings enormous benefits to students in terms of expanding their business and providing the stepping stone towards their next business aims.

In the words of Jon Catney, the managing director of Chimpsta: “It was great to have been invited to sit on the panel of judges for the BETA Pitches. Being a part of the local business community and a Plymouth University alumni, the opportunity to sit in front of current students and discuss their ideas, plans and aspirations was truly inspiring. The quality of the pitches was exceptional, albeit with a few technical issues [standard] and the ideas that were put forward were very applaudable. Given how tough business can be sometimes and how many ideas pop up every single day it was great to see fresh thinking coming from those that will ultimately be the future, and from me it was just great to be able to give back to the students in what I hope they’ll take as constructive feedback, from real world situations that are hard to predict if you’re not out there doing it every day.”

About The BETA Programme:

The BETA Enterprise programme provides free advice, mentoring, workshops, pitching opportunities and start-up funding for enterprising Plymouth University students looking to develop their business ideas.

Through the programme students develop their skills in and understanding of: entrepreneurial resilience, self-motivation and time management. Furthermore students enhance their professional and personal abilities and competencies fundamental for the world of business and future entrepreneurs. Students can join the programme at any point throughout the academic year.

If you wish to join BETA Programme or find out more about it please contact Amber Strong at: amber.strong@plymouth.ac.uk

I wish to all the entrepreneurial students the very best of luck with their business ideas and in their career as entrepreneurs and thanked them for joining the BETA Enterprise Programme.

Thank you for reading my post.

Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations
Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations

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