6th Form Business Conference

“Fantastic day from start to finish, informative, interesting and inspiring.  Our students gained an invaluable insight into Business at Plymouth University” Hayley Kirtley, Business Teacher All Saints Academy Plymouth.

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The aim of the 6th Form Business conference, held on the 16th of March, was to enhance and support the school business curriculum and spark further interest in business studies. The programme, the relevance and depth of the topics were designed to inspire and fascinate pupils.

Mike Endacott (Teacher of History, Economics and Business at Clyst Vale Community College) conveyed his thanks to everyone involved in the 6th Form Conference and stated that:  “My students enjoyed the day and it has certainly resulted in a very positive view of Plymouth University as a destination for degree level study. The student ambassadors answered my students’ questions very well and the tour was very good. My students are certainly now aware of the range of courses on offer within the School of Business at Plymouth.

The key note speaker, Professor Andy Phippen, talked about the influence of technology and the internet on businesses. The talk also critically explored the ways technology impacts the ethical behaviour of business. The lecture was very informative, captivating, attention-grabbing, and full of practical examples and case studies. The lecture especially offered insight into one particular case study – the Volkswagen scandal on cheating emissions tests.

Jon Catney from Chimpsta talked about his entrepreneurial journey of setting up and successfully running his company for almost three years now.  Chimpsta, a worldwide marketing tool is used to promote events, businesses and brands in almost any geographical location. It is a local and fast growing enterprise that has already committed to endless number of corporates business opportunities.

After the two morning talks we enjoyed a lunch in one of the most historic venues at the campus – the Sherwell Centre. The Sherwell Foyer was buzzing with life, excitement and networking opportunities. The campus tour which followed straight after the lunch, gave students an insight into other opportunities that are on offer while at the university.

The afternoon was filled with a talk on the concept of enterprise and entrepreneurship by Dr Emily Beaumont followed by a talk by one of the student ambassadors on funding, budgeting and student life in general.

The pupil’s feedback unanimously states that the day was very informative, useful, and inspiring and it was also very beneficial to see the campus and the student accommodation.

“The best was the Instachimp talk as I gained all the information I need about starting a business”

“I learnt a lot with case studies and internet usage”

“My favourite past was meeting new students and getting to know them”

“The tour helped me to see what university will be like”

“The talk on ICT and businesses highlights common society”

“It was helpful in gaining a better understanding”

“The talks were very informative and helpful with regards to our work”

I would like to express a sincere thank you to all the teachers and pupils for their time and engagement. I would also like to thank all the speakers for volunteering their time and for making the conference a success.

“Fantastic opportunity to be part of the Plymouth University Business Conference, I enjoyed the guest speakers and getting information about University life.  The Hall’s room looked nicer than I expected.” Shane Mules, Year 13 All Saints Academy Plymouth.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me on: elena.novakova@plymouth.ac.uk

Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations
Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations

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