Enterprise Day at DHSG with Chimpsta and Erasmus+ teams

The Enterprise Day organised for Year 10 at the Devonport High School for Girls (DHSG) that took place last week on Thursday 3rd March was a great success. It was attended by Erasmus+ partner’s students from Hungary (Matyas Kiraly Gimnazium in Fonyod) and Poland (Nicolaus Copernicus Gymnasium in Kolobrzeg) who were visiting DHSG throughout the same week.

Myself and Deirdre McMahon, the Head of Business and Enterprise at DHSG, were pleased to engage with a local company Chimpsta for which the Year 10 pupils had to create a corporate event.  An event designed to promote Chimpsta and its services to businesses and other corporates. The Erasmus+ students had a separate task; their role was to create a social enterprise catering company whose services could be used by Year 10 teams to cater for their corporate events. This is because healthy living and social enterprise are one of the objectives of the Erasmus+ projects.

Jon Catney, the Managing Director of Instachimp opened the day with a short presentation introducing his company and highlighting the aims of the day.

Instachimp is a worldwide marketing tool, ready to be used to promote events, businesses and brands in almost any geographical location. It provides a fun and engaging way of interacting with event attendees as well as building a brand.

The pupils took their tasks to heart and created very innovative events for Instachimp. They spent the whole morning learning about and researching their chosen brands from the Lifestyle and Fashion corporate sector. During the afternoon, each team gave a presentation to the panel of judges and the best ideas were awarded exciting prizes.

Jon from Chimpsta: “It was great to spend the day with the pupils from Devonport High School for Girls. They showed great initiative, easily adopted our company ethos and strategies which enabled them to put their own creative twist on what we do and the businesses we work with. We’re looking forward to being involved with the Enterprise day again.”

At lunchtime the Hungarian Erasmus+ team prepared a traditional taster lunch for us. We tasted traditional Hungarian finger food and learnt about other specialities such as Hungarian Goulash, stuffed cabbage and savoury pancakes. We also learnt about the country, Lake Balaton and the city of Fonyod.

It was a productive and creative day that offered the opportunity to learn and develop enterprise and business related skills and gave pupils an opportunity to work for a real thriving business.

In the words of Deirdre from DHSG ” We were very excited to work with Jon from Instachimp on our most recent Enterprise Day. The girls were engaged throughout the challenge and loved the idea of combining the digital world with physical prints. They were inspired by Jon’s creativity and their final ideas were focused on a range of vibrant, interactive events which could be used to promote the services of Instachimp. Our Erasmus+ groups also set up social enterprise catering companies which focused on producing healthy eating menus for the events. Year 10 had a fantastic day and winners and runners up walked away with Instachimp trophies and t-shirts. Thanks to Jon, Elena and teams for their help.”

I would like to thank to Jon and Duncan from Instachimp for their hard work and engagement. I would also like to thank Deirdre (DHSG) for giving me the opportunity to be part of so many inspiring events. Last but not least I must thank the whole team at DHSG for all their help throughout the day.

Photos of few events proposals


The winning team’s idea: CosmeticA – proposed a creative corporate event that was thoroughly thought through, had clear and focused objectives and included many original promotional ideas that Instachimp and the chosen brand could potentially benefit from.

20160303_154018 20160303_153911


Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me on elena.novakova@plymouth.ac.uk

Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations
Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations



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