Networking never been easier!


A little bit of backstory, this time last year a message popped into my personal email account from a girl I graduated with a few months earlier, inviting me to her companies launch morning. The Regus Express Business Centre is designed for those who need professional business working spaces for short periods of time, rather than camping out in a coffee shop all day to work you can co work from one of these spaces, or rent a meeting room for a couple hours. The centre mimics the malls opening hours and after helping Tracey establish a monthly event that had a community/social focus we broached the subject of organising a collaborative business event.

We sat in one of the meeting rooms with a couple mugs of tea (I opted for Peppermint) and had a planning session, by the end of it we decided we wanted to organise a networking event that was different to what already existed throughout Plymouth. We wanted the event to have a focus on the knowledge transfer between young and more established entrepreneurs, with a talk from a successful small business. After looking through our personal contact lists, I thought of Plymouth Tea, another friend I graduated had been working at the company and I knew a little about the company and we both felt their story would be of interest to entrepreneurs and business owners at any point within their journey.

Attendees networking before Ross’s Talk

A few emails back and forth and we had Ross booked in, our marketing and listings off and it was event day. We got the scones, cream and jam ready, alongside the samples of Plymouth Tea and all the other event bits together and people started arriving from about half five, when the event was scheduled to start at six!

We greeted every person who arrived and I gravitated toward the Plymouth University students seeing what they wanted from the event, a big driver was for them to improve their networking skills. After introducing them to a couple other attendees I left them to their own devices, and checked everything was running smoothly with the event.

Attendees were welcomed, and we introduced both Regus Express Drake Circus and The Futures Centre and explained how the event came about, before Ross launched into his career story. He told us about how he got started, where the idea for Plymouth Tea came about, explained some milestones for the business such as hiring Hannah and launching a tea plantation in Devon so they can blend tea leaves from Plymouth to the existing signature blends. This was one of Ross’s first talks, and it was a resounding success!

Ross from Plymouth Tea explaining his eureka moment


One thing we hadn’t accommodated for with the event was the fact the Christmas lights were being switched on, at the point of planning the event the switch on hadn’t been announced. A lesson for us that you can’t plan for everything!

From this event Regus Entrepreneurs Club was born, an event inspired by this first event running Thursday next week between 18:00-20:00. Networking and an inspirational talk will both still be present, but the new series has the feature of “The Board You Can’t Afford” where alongside Futures, Regus Express Drake Circus and The Takeover Expert we have arranged a group of experts for attendees to raise their business concerns to. With a HR Expert, A Solicitor, Two Experienced Business Professionals and a new expert each month there is a huge amount of knowledge available, once again keeping the essence of the knowledge transfer alive. Book on here

Emily from Futures, Tracey from Regus Express, Hannah and Ross from Plymouth Tea, Rachel and Kerrie from Regus Express.

like the sound of this event?  please join us at The Regus Entrepreneurs Club, Thursday, 11 February 2016 from 18:00 to 20:00

A special thank you to Matt for photographing this event for us.

Emily Lane
Emily Lane


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