Enterprise Day full of designs, creativity, business ideas and chocolate.

Wednesday 18th November was one of those exciting enterprise days when the girls from year eleven engaged in an activity that encouraged entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and business awareness.

Their task was to create a chocolate product with a Unique Selling Point. They not only had to create and design the product with an innovative logo, label and strap line but also research competitors, the ingredient labelling, the rules and regulations regarding consumer consumption of chocolate, research about sell by dates, allergies, food handling and other food regulations. In addition they also had to choose their target audience, create an effective marketing strategy and prepare a two minutes pitch. The task list was long but the girls from Devonport High School for Girls were very creative and innovative in their ideas and worked very hard all day.

Girls undertaking market and competitors research, being supported by Nicola’s business advice

The day was supported with a Bath based creative company The Artful Chocolatier who’s founder and director Nicola Donovan shared her experience of creating and running her own business and also brought with her around two hundred chocolate lollies for the girls to decorate. After the morning of market and competition research, the fun and creative hours of designing, decorating, painting, wrapping and packing started.

             20151118_094200                20151118_094134

Delicious chocolate works of art by Nicola from The Artful Chocolatier

On the day, we were also delighted to have with us Dr Hilary Duckett, the director of Plymouth Business School, who worked with each of the groups and offered her business knowledge, advice and her encouragement for the girl’s innovative business and branding ideas.

When Deirdre (head of Business and Enterprise at DHSG) and Ithought of what to prepare for the Y11 Enterprise Day, our aim was to create a day that on one side encouraged enterprise and creative thinking and on the other side allowed girls to work closely with well-established business and be creative. We also wanted to give the girls an opportunity to take home their own final product, this time it was their own brand of chocolate lolly.

In the words of Deirdre ” Once again DHSG girls took part in a very well organised Enterprise event (The Futures Centre, Plymouth Business School and The Artful Chocolatier) – Creating and Branding a Chocolate Product. Elena and Nicola taught the girls to utilise their Enterprise skills in this creative and marketing focused task. The girls worked in teams and produced fantastic stalls and then pitched their plans to the judges. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day and appreciated all the business advice and guidance they received.”

The girls were also supported by our business student ambassadors, which offered valuable advice and expertise. In the words of the student ambassador Jacob:

It was great to be involved with a wonderful day where the pupils came up with a wide variety of ideas, and showed great business sense. I would definitely recommend schools to take part’@JacobBrown94

The girls unanimously claimed that they had learned so much about teamwork, the importance of a strong branding, marketing strategy, market and competition research, presentation skills, but most importantly greatly enjoyed themselves and the part of the day that involved painting and decorating of the chocolate, designing the creative aspects of the products, eating the chocolate and being able to take their designs home was the part they enjoyed the most.

Plymouth Business School and the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre are offering a different variety of workshops and activities for secondary schools that are supporting business studies and entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and if you wish to learn more about the enterprise days or other school engagement activities please do not hesitate to contact me at: elena.novakova@plymouth.ac.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.

Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations
Elena Novakova- Network Advisor in External Relations





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