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Next week is an exciting one for Plymouth University with Welcome Week, Induction Week and Graduations all falling within the same week. After a Summer of planning the Future Entrepreneurship Centre begin the academic year by relaunching the BETA Enterprise Programme, launching a series of events and workshops, and promoting and supporting competitions.

This post details what we as a centre have to offer for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and the various ways individuals can get involved with us.

Lucy Cova pitches to the BETA Panel
Lucy Cova pitches to the BETA Panel

BETA Enterprise Programme

The majority of the activities we organise as a centre are available to all students, however if you have a business idea you’d like to develop and potentially receive financial support for, registering with Beta Enterprise might be perfect for you.

The programme is free and acts as an extracurricular to your studies; within it you have access to: mentoring, workshops, and pitching opportunities and more. Year on year there is a grant of £1500 available to students to fund and develop their business ideas, to win this funding pot they need to pitch their business idea to a panel comprising of business experts and those involved with the BETA Programme. The programme develops the skills and knowledge of those involved in sectors such as: social media, legal practices, marketing, pitching, cash flow and many more areas.

The programme is open to all students, and run primarily by Amber and Sarah for more information or to see if you qualify to pitch for the funding drop us an email. futurescentre@plymouth.ac.uk

Emily Beaumont introduces one of the Belbin challenges we use to applicants

Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BSc (Hons) Two Year Fast Track

Previous Guest Author, and accomplished academic Emily Beaumont launches a two year fast track degree next week designed to develop the skills of entrepreneurs and provide them with a full degree twelve months shorter than the traditional programme. This intensive degree programme includes trips, guest lectures and competitions. The Hot Box Challenge for instance runs in the programme’s first week, this competition forces students to think outside the box to repurpose a product and add value to it in the most efficient and profitable way. For more information contact: Emily.Beaumont@plymouth.ac.uk

Bread and Roses
One of the venues we visited within our workshops, a Social Enterprise Pub


A large portion of the events we organise fall under or supplement the BETA Enterprise Programme, as such they are open to Plymouth University students, at any point within their studies.  These events fall within five main categories: Networking, Guest Lectures, Mentoring , Pitching and Competitions and finally; Workshops. We currently have seventeen different events organised for the first term (counting multi part workshops as one event), the first of which is a Welcome to BETA event, a social and educational event designed to give you all the information you need on the programme and a chance to network with those organising it and other entrepreneurial students. To get an idea of a few of the workshops we’ve organised click here, or here, or here for previous blog posts,.

For a full list of events keep an eye out for our brochures, or email us on futurescentre@plymouth.ac.uk or emily.lane@plymouth.ac.uk 

1539386 -South Dartmoor C. College, Graduate Intern Elena Novakova, Dr Hilary Duckett, teacher Gemma Craze, Student Ambassador Chole Holmes
South Dartmoor Community College, one of the winning teams in our business presentation competition


The centre is heavily involved with local schools organising events, competitions and visits throughout the year. Elena heads this, and has covered activities in previous posts. We often bring students from appropriate programmes to facilitate and support these activities.

If you’re interested in assisting some of these activities or a school wishing to get involved contact us on: pbsoutreach@plymouth.ac.uk or elena.novakova@plymouth.ac.uk

Graduate Interns: Emily, Amber and Elena

That’s it, a few of the exciting things to look forward to next year. If you have any questions contact us, were looking forward to spending the next academic year developing and supporting your entrepreneurial skills and seeing you join previous alumni of our programme in setting up your business.

Emily Lane
Emily Lane



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