Social Enterprise and Technology in Business Workshop

Social enterprise, technology in business and presentation skills were the key topics explored by year twelve students from Hele’s school during a one day enterprise workshop held by Plymouth Business School and the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre.

The workshop was part of the Aspiration Week held by the school. During the week, year twelve students had an opportunity to choose activities that interest them the most and an opportunity to visit companies and other organisations.

The morning workshop session was dedicated to social enterprise and Gareth Hart, the Futures Centre’s entrepreneur in residence and also the director of the Iridescent Ideas CIC delivered a very informative lecture about social enterprise.  After the lecture and a discussion we all took part in an activity.  We were given 30 minutes to come up with a business idea that would tackle one of the following global issues: climate change, waste, poverty, education, health, food (healthy eating) or energy.

We decided to find a business idea that would encourage healthy eating and at the same time eliminate the food waste in Plymouth and the surrounding area. We were inspired by a well-established business model called Rubies in the Rubble.

After analysing the problem, discussing some facts and choosing a target audience we presented the business idea to Gareth. Gareth was very impressed with our idea “Deli on your Doorstep”.

The Idea – Deli on your Doorstep

After having a lovely lunch we set off for a tour around the main campus and reenergised ourselves for the afternoon part of the workshop.

The second part of the workshop, technology in business and presentation skills, was delivered by a Plymouth Business School Alumni and also the Futures Centre Entrepreneur in residence, Raphael Dennett, who currently runs many successful businesses. Raphael launched his first business straight after his graduation and he is enjoying the success of his companies

The students enjoyed the day and we are all looking forward to preparing many more workshops for the next academic year.

In the words of the students

It was very interesting to see how businesses work and how little things can make an impact on a business

The presentation slide show was very helpful as I am not very confident when it comes to presenting my ideas

I really enjoyed learning about the technology side of business the most! I have learnt and gained new ideas from today.

It was very interesting finding out about social enterprise

In the words of the teacher

I really enjoyed both aspects of the day – social enterprise and media and a brilliant talk on presenting

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me:

Elena Novakova

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