500 Word Essay Competition

In February, Plymouth Business School and the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre launched a 500 Word Essay Writing Competition that aimed to expand pupil’s knowledge in business studies and promote their critical thinking, creativity and writing skills. The competition was open to pupils from Y9 upwards from all over the South West and covered the contemporary aspects of the business world.

The pupils were asked to answer one of four questions: What will it mean to be entrepreneurial in 2013? Are green issues important for South West Businesses? How does digital technology impact on business? and With the growth of bank cards and internet banking do we still need physical notes and coins?

The questions were designed to give pupils a variety of choices and allow them to delve more deeply into a particular area of their interest. The aim was to encourage pupils’ business and innovative thinking. The essay competition not only gave pupils the opportunity to consolidate their understanding but also an opportunity to use business terminology. We asked students to answer the questions with argumentative energy and to take an original point of view.

The Poster
The Poster

The deadline for the essay entry was Friday the 15th May and we received 37 essays from various secondary schools across the South West ranging from Queen Elizabeth’s Academy in Crediton and St Luke’s Science and Sport College in Exeter to Gordano School in Portishead and Plymouth High School for Girls.

The top ten essays were shortlisted and awarded certificates.

Top three winners were awarded the following prizes:

The 1st Prize, an iPad mini2, went to a pupil from Devonport High School for Girls

The 2nd Prize, a £50.00 Amazon Voucher, went to a pupil from Plymstock School

The 3rd Prize, a £25.00 Amazon Voucher, went to a pupil from Devonport High School for Girls

The competition created a great deal of interest amongst schools in the South West and all the assays submitted were of a very high quality.

We are already planning a new essay competition for the next academic year which we anticipate will be a great success.

I hope you will join us in the new academic year and I look forward to receiving the next batch of entries.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post.

Elena Novakova
Elena Novakova



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