An Interview with Dr Emily Beaumont: Academic, Lecturer and Programme Lead

Following the post she provided us with earlier in the week, we interviewed Guest Author Dr Emily Beaumont asking her to share her thoughts on Entrepreneurship, Education and the Future. Emily has her own wordpress where updates on her activities as an early career academic and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship.

How have you developed your career in Enterprise?

I have had rather an unconventional journey in to the Entrepreneurship discipline.  My career began with lecturing Marine Sport Science students on principles of marketing and management. This evolved in to a focus on entrepreneurship and employability, areas I also became committed to through my research.  When the opportunity to join the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at Plymouth Business School came about I jumped at the chance to commit myself fully to the Plymouth University’s Enterprise agenda.  In my role as lecturer in Entrepreneurship I now manage BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, teaching on many of the modules within the programme.  I’ve also been able to keep my interest in Marine Sports going through my research on lifestyle entrepreneurship in lifestyle sports.

 What area of the Enterprise curricular do you feel is often overlooked?

I think the concept of intrapreneurship is often overlooked and not fully appreciated.  We concentrate on educating for entrepreneurship but not necessarily for intrapreneurship which is just as important a concept.  There is a growing amount of literature out there that we should be incorporating into our curriculum and developing Research Informed Teaching through our own research in this area.

Do you have any advice for future Entrepreneurs or researchers?

If you are just setting out as an entrepreneur say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way then think how you are going to meet the demands of the opportunity.  Saying ‘Yes’ to everything will help you build a great network and understand the breadth of the area you are working within.  As you progress, and the demands on you become more frequent, you will have experienced enough to think more strategically about the opportunities that come your way, knowing when to say ‘Yes!’ and when to say ‘No’.

In terms of advice for researchers, read as much as you can!  There are always new and exciting papers popping up that are relevant to your area of research and can provide insight into a topic.  Just when you think you’ve read everything, something else will always appear out of the woodwork.

What do you think are the most important elements in entrepreneurial and enterprise education?

There are many important elements to enterprise education and I couldn’t possibly place any of them as being more important than the other.  Entrepreneurship Education is a delicate balance of many elements which produces a unique discipline area of study.  As Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship I have had to carefully select and balance many of these elements such as entrepreneurial thought and action, essentials of marketing, organisational behaviour, and accounting and finance (to name a few) to produce a distinctive programme which appeals to anybody with a pioneering spirit.

As a programme manager for the new 2 year fast track degree launching this September 2015, what are you most excited about?

I am so excited about meeting the students!  I have spoken to many of them throughout their applicant journey, and met most of them at Open or Applicant Days.  They are such a diverse group of students yet they all have one thing in common; passion!  I can’t wait to work with them on some fantastic modules and support them through their journey in Higher Education.

Dr Emily Beaumont
Dr Emily Beaumont

If you are interested in Dr Emily Beaumont we have a short biography on our Guest Authors Page, she also posts on her activities and thoughts as both an early academic and lecturer in Entrepreneurship on her blog. You can connect with Dr Emily Beaumont on LinkedIn and Twitter or contact her via email.


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