Guest Post: Dr Emily Beaumont of The Futures Entrepreneurship Centre

This week sees the third Guest Post we have featured on our blog, Dr Emily Beaumont is an early career academic working as a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre, Plymouth University, UK. She is the Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, a Two Year Fast Track degree programme recruiting in 2015.

This week I have been asked to write a joint blog post that will not only feature on but also on  How exciting!  On being asked to write the blog for the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at Plymouth University I began ferreting around their site for possible topics of interest, and more importantly taking a snoop at their site stats.  851 followers?!  I have 6…and I know at least one of those is a blood relation (Hi Mum!).  So now I have blog envy.  Not only do they have an interesting array of articles revealing what goes on at Futures, but they have some great links to upcoming events and biographies of members of staff.  Do other bloggers/users of Social Media torture themselves in this way?  I often find myself perusing the LinkedIn sites of colleagues with a curiosity for what content they have before spending hours updating my own content.  If I subsequently make any movement in my LinkedIn rankings this all seems worth it, but in reality, is it?

As an example of my typical reaction, in this situation my immediate defensive action is to make this dual blog a duel blog, and take on the mighty  What would be the benefit of this?  I may recruit a few more followers on and get a few more connections on LinkedIn, but I’m not convinced this is a David and Goliath tale.  However what I can do is actually concentrate on the content of the blog, take in what is being said, and possibly comment to build a collaborative process.  Social Media may be a competition for some, however surely there is more value in focussing on what is being said, rather than reacting to how many people may read it.

Many thanks,


Dr Emily Beaumont
Dr Emily Beaumont

If you are interested in Dr Emily Beaumont we have a short biography on our Guest Authors Page, she also posts on her activities and thoughts as both an early academic and lecturer in Entrepreneurship on her blog. You can connect with Dr Emily Beaumont on LinkedIn and Twitter or contact her via email.


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