‘Entrepreneurial Resilience’ Guest Workshop by Sybille Schiffmann

The Entrepreneurial Resilience workshop on the 7th of May 2015 with Sybille Schiffmann was a brilliant workshop where students explored themselves, their business ideas, and looked to find a starting point to turn their plans into reality.

Sybille Schiffmann -member of the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre
Sybille Schiffmann -member of the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre

This workshop was part of the BETA Enterprise programme and aimed to develop students’ long term enthusiasm and commitment for their business idea. By developing their understanding of their goal state, and initiating a habit of step by step action instead of putting excuses in the way of development, and visiting the proverbial ‘Someday Isle’.

Futures Entrepreneurship Centre
Futures Entrepreneurship Centre

Participants were asked to write down five things that they thought Entrepreneurs were (‘Entrepreneurs are…’) and five definitions of success (‘Success is…’). Apparently entrepreneurs can be innovative, unique, goal driven risk takers and participants defined success as fulfilled development, fulfilled goals, balanced use of skills and fulfilment of both curiosity and creativity. Surprisingly, monetary success was hardly mentioned. This fits with the observation that many of the most successful entrepreneurs were successful because they were committed to solving a problem or providing for a need with their business, instead of having monetary success as their primary goal.

Participants then mapped out what they would need to do to fill in the gap between our goal state, and our current stage of development.

The Mast House Building- Plymouth Graduate School of Management- home to the Futures Centre
The Mast House Building-
Plymouth Graduate School of Management- home to the Futures Centre

Participants (myself included) finished off the workshop by each coming up with one thing we could, and would do within the following 24 hours that would start us on the road to our goal. To motivate ourselves we would text one of the other workshop participants when we had completed this initial step towards our goal. I sent my text! Progress feels good.

Some students on the BETA Programme were then preparing to pitch on the 22nd of May for up to £1500 grant towards the development of their business idea.  Thinking deeply about goals and the steps one needs to take to achieve them is often an important aid for personal and entrepreneurial development.

For more information on the BETA Enterprise programme or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at amber.strong@plymouth.ac.uk


PBS Staff Photo Shoot for web pagesAmber Strong
Amber Strong

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