Applicant Day: Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Saturday 18th April is a Plymouth University’s Applicant Day, and for us in the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre it means we get another chance to meet with potential Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship applicants and introduce them to what they could be experiencing with our new two year fast track degree. The Applicant Day is an opportunity for individuals who have applied to a specific course to visit the University and receive more detailed information from academic staff, students and many others involved with the programme.

Our last Applicant Day, three weeks ago, started with a networking session allowing applicants and their friends and family, to meet and chat with Dr Emily Beaumont (Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship) and Elena Novakova.

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This was then followed by a welcome talk by Professor Andy Phippen, to introduce the attendees to Plymouth Business School. Emily Beaumont and Elena then walked with the attendees to Mast House, giving them a guided tour of the University whilst providing them with an idea of the route and proximity to main campus. Luckily the weather was with us and it was a really scenic walk along Sutton Harbour to Mast House where The Future Entrepreneurship Centre is based.


Upon arrival at the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre there were hot pasties, teas and coffee available for all, with the chance to have a relaxed, informal chat with other applicants and members of the Futures team. What then followed was the opportunity for all to explore BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in depth: with a look at what the programme would entail in both time and content. Sarah Preedy (Doctoral Assistant and leader of the BETA Enterprise Programme) introduced the opportunities and assistance that the BETA programme offers enterprising students. Emily Lane discussed Talent Development Workshops, a series of free certified programmes intended to develop knowledge and skills in areas such as: leadership, self-development, and sustainability.


Finally Gareth Hart, Entrepreneur In Residence, discussed how he supports students and how he uses his expert knowledge as a Social Entrepreneur to introduce students to this concept. He offers various workshops as well as one on one sessions throughout the year. Gareth was one of the leads on our Beginners Guide to Social Enterprise, which took place earlier this year.

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There was then a group activity for the applicants based on Belbin’s Team roles; they were tasked with “saving” a ticking bomb within a short period of time using a number of ropes in a variety of lengths. The activity encouraged problem solving, discussion and a few laughs.


After concluding discussions on the task Dr Emily Beaumont took Questions to ensure that everyone left fully informed. After a short bus ride the attendees were back on main campus and the team returned the Centre to its normal disorder.

If you are interested in attending out next applicant day this weekend, either follow this link or contact Dr Emily Beaumont.

Dr Emily Beaumont also blogs in a personal capacity, read her blog here.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Emily Lane
Emily Lane


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