On Your Marks, Get Set, Your Hired!

“Very useful session for me.”

Msc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Student

The first workshop of this academic year held by the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre had a dual employability and personal development focus, looking to provide students with a deeper understanding of how they function and what motivates them at a core level. The two part workshop ran over two weekends in November allowing attendees to reflect on what they learnt the week previously and see how it applied to their studies and projects.

After a brief overview of what to expect from the workshop, introductions from coaches and attendees and the setting of individual and group objectives the first part of the workshop began. Using tools such as Tetra mapping the three coaches who facilitated the event allowed attendees to find more about what motivated and demotivated them, the strengths and weaknesses of their linking sector. This self-reflection and self-reporting were integral for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of their internal motivators.

OYM Twitter (crop)
We often live tweet from workshops

There were several group activities where members were organised via their corresponding personality types, either to see the similarities between other members or as an educational tool to appreciate how different personality types work together. The whole session was highly interactive and relaxed, encouraging questions and development.

The first day ended with the identification of personal motivators and how individuals function in teams, the second day focused upon personal development. It involved looking internally at things in life attendees wanted to change, how to prioritise them and how to use the knowledge in future. One activity completed was to draw two circles and put all our concerns into the first, and after identifying the two or three most important issues attendees’ transferred these to the smaller circle. By putting pen to paper and extracting these thoughts attendees were able to prioritise, they were provided with a tool they could use in future to help distress and manage issues and concerns as they arise.

An example of concern circles, provided by one attendee

One of the other tools attendees were provided with came from a TED talk, below, and held by Amy Cuddy, on body language. Prior to being shown the video attendees were asked to stand up and complete the “Wonderwoman pose” for two minutes, once the time and awkward giggles had passed the group analysed how they felt and the science behind the pose was explained, both by the coaches and the TED talk. Attendees were provided with a tool to use in future interviews or similarly stressful situations.

“Small group and dynamic, interactive coaching methods helped me to stay engaged.”    

Business Administration Student

Emily Lane
Emily Lane

 Thank you for reading, if you have any questions feel free to contact me: futurescentre@plymouth.ac.uk


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